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Hello Everyone!
      I am so excited for you all to join me in the exciting year of learning!! We have so much to learn this next year in a much different way, but I know with everyone's help, this will be an awesome school year!!
Below you will find lots of information and links. THE MOST IMPORTANT thing you can do as a parent, is to DOWNLOAD the CLASS DOJO app and join our class. The code is P7VB7H6B. This app allows me to be in communication with you daily! This will be super important with so many unknowns this year. 
About Me: This is my 12th year teaching, and my 4th year here at Dearing Elementary school in Kindergarten. I have 2 little boys, Jonas and Owen, and they are 12 months apart. Yep, I am a mom of 2 under 2! :) I am married to the amazing Chaplain Jordan Dill, who is currently a Navy reservist, with plans to go back active duty in the next year. We love traveling, being outdoors, and playing with our boys. I love riding horses the most, although it doesn't happen much anymore. :)
Here is some important info from out county about virtual learning:  PLEASE READ!!!

Virtual Learning Information

As a reminder, the commitment to virtual learning is one nine weeks (grade PK-8) and one semester (grades 9-12).  Information and guidelines about the Learn from Home/virtual learning option, posted in early July on the system website, remain available at


Virtual Learning Attendance

Most lessons will not be live; instead, lessons will be recorded by teachers as they are being taught. Students in grades K-12 are expected to log in to Google Classroom during the school day to watch the recordings, complete the assignments, and communicate with the teacher.  Attendance will be monitored through the submission of the weekly assignments. There may be some scheduled live sessions, but these will be announced by the teacher. Students who are submitting weekly assignments will be counted present; failure to submit any work for the week or to participate in any live class sessions will result in a student’s being marked as absent in the official student record.


Courses will be accessed through Google Classroom and/or the Edgenuity platform. Teachers will post assignments and videos, host video chats, etc., with a specified timeline that will need to be strictly adhered to by students. Students participating in the virtual learning option (Learn from Home) will be expected to log in and participate in all scheduled online lessons and assignments during the school day hours. While students will not be logged in to the computer for the entire day, they will have scheduled meetings with the teacher through Google Meet, Zoom, Webex or other web conferencing tools at given times during school day hours.


Student online sessions with the teacher will be recorded. Commitment to the online virtual option (Learn from Home) indicates agreement to the recorded sessions.


Virtual Learning Grading Practices / Testing

Assignments which mirror those completed by the face-to-face students will be posted by the teacher in Google Classroom. Learn from Home students are expected to adhere to the timelines provided by the teacher.  Assignments, unless otherwise instructed by the teacher, will be submitted through Google Classroom.


To ensure mastery and provide feedback on learning, students are expected to complete assignments without the aid or assistance of others. Grades and attendance will be posted in the PowerSchool Parent Portal as usual. If you do not have a Parent Portal account, please contact your child’s school. Photo ID is required to register.


All students must participate in all required federal and state assessments (GKIDS, GAA, Georgia Milestones, ACCESS) as well as all local assessments (common formative assessments, quizzes, tests, projects, STAR Reading/STAR Math, i-Ready). Many of these are required for promotion.

I look forward to working with all of you this school year! Please feel free to reach out and contact me any time through class dojo, or my email, [email protected]