Activities to work on for unexpected break:

 Hello! I am missing each and everyone of your sweet babies. Over this unexpected break there are a couple of notes that I wanted to attach that can be worked on. 
  • Addition and subtraction facts review
  • Practice writing complete sentences 
  • Read every day for 20 minutes
  • Packets will be available March 17 at DES. If you have any questions about content please feel free to message me!
  • If you need ANYTHING over this break, please feel free to message me I will be glad to help!
  • Give tons of hugs and love for me! 
  • Practice hygiene and explain to students why this is important. 
  • Students know their login and are able to have access to several free books/videos.
  • Access free math games from home
  • Students are able to do Lexia from home as well.
Limit screen time and encourage reading and outside play!