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 Boy how I miss seeing all of my Dearing kids!  I hope you are all still reading anything you can get your hands on.  I KNOW you have all finished readig the books that you currently have checked out from our DES Library.  I am very sad that you can't check out a new book.  I'm even sad that the public libraries in Thomson and Harlem are closed!  


I do have one place that I can recommend though.....our DES Little Free Library that is located in the Dearing park!!  It is right there at the entrance to the walking track.  I am trying to load it up with books that you can take home and read!  Just be sure to bring it back when you are finished with it so you can get another.  ALSO, feel free to donate books to our Little Free Library.  It operates totally on the Honor System and is sponsored by our Beta Club.  Click here for more information on how a  Little Free Library works.


If you can't get to the Dearing park, check out our Dearing Elementary School Facebook page.  Mrs. Amerson and Ms. Thomas have been reading books to you on there.  Mr. Eric Reads is another Facebook page you can go to the hear a good book.


Also check out the resource pages I've added to the right.  I've created GOALS for each grade level to work on.  When we finally get back to school, won't it be fun to see how many Goals you met?!


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