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Google Classroom Info

This year, we will be using Google Classroom for your child's online assignments, homework, quizzes, etc.. In order for your child to get into their Google Classroom, you can do one of two things. You can download the Google Classroom App on a phone or tablet. You can also access Google Classroom using a laptop or desktop computer. For Google Classroom, you have to use your child's email address and password. If you need help locating that information please contact me. I have invited all my students into my Second Grade Google Classroom. Once you have logged in, you should see a button to accept my invitation. I am attaching a document that will help you to navigate Google Classroom. 
My Google Classroom class code: rwtv5mi
***Students will log-in through "CLEVER" with their 6 digit number. The 6 digit number will be used for both their login and password. CLEVER will provide access to everything that they need for school, even Google Classroom. Your child will have to login to each website once, but then it will be stored for the remainder of the times he/she goes into it. Some of the school sites will not ask for a login. It will depend on the site.
I look forward to working close with you and your child to make this an amazing year!