see you in class
Welcome to QUEST! 
I am excited you are here!
Dearing Elementary QUEST classes provide the opportunity for gifted students to explore  and practice their creativity and critical thinking skills, academic skills, and tackle new and exciting topics like Robotics and STEM! We have lots of fun even when the tasks are challenging! That is all part of the learning process though!   
Make sure you scroll down for your child's Google Classroom Code! 


Supply List

  • Headphones/Earbuds---We use technology constantly, so these are a MUST!
  • *Replenish Items - These items are to replenish the initial supply provided by the school
    • #2 pencils
    • Pink 9 rectangular pencil erasers
  • Helping Hand Donations Appreciated:
    • AAA batteries
    • AA batteries


How to sign in to Google Classroom:

If your child has forgotten his/her Google Username and password, it should be written in their Agenda Book and follows the following pattern:

four digit year of graduation, first initial of first name, complete last name, last two numbers of their lunch number @student.mcduffie.k12.ga.us

Their password is: mcs + their lunch number

  • Example: mcs308964


Students may login to their accounts like you would login to a normal gmail account. Then they can access google classroom from the top right "waffle" or through http://classroom.google.com


How to join Google Classroom. 

Click on the following link: http://classroom.google.com

Click on the + in the upper right corner.

Click "Join Class"

Type in your grade's classroom code from the list below.

Once you type in the code, click on the blue "Join" button in the upper right corner of the page.

Once I receive notification that you have joined, I will approve and you will then be able to access any information in our QUEST google classroom.

Google Classroom Codes:

  • 1st/2nd Grades: rtxy7ip
  • 3rd Grade: uc6agxb
  • 4th Grade: fyxwpbw
  • 5th Grade: nco4qou



Failure to complete QUEST assignments in a timely manner will result in failing grades that could lead to course failure and/or removal from the QUEST program.



You can contact me through my email for questions about class expectations, grading, and assignments. [email protected]  


This Year in QUEST:


* Higher Order Thinking Skills

* Robotics

* Creativity 

* Poetry

* Math Enrichment


* Breakout Edu

* First Lego League (5th grade)


Tentative Competitions:

  • Morris Museum of Art Combining Voices Literary - 4th and 5th Grades only
  • First Lego League - 5th Grade only