Counseling Services



The Role, Duties and Responsibilities of the Counselor

The Comprehensive Guidance and Counseling Program at Dearing Elementary is aligned with the Georgia School Counselors Association and American School Counselor Association Professional Standards and Competencies. These competencies include but are not limited to three essential practices, and they are Counseling, Consultation, and Coordination. These components are designed to provide students, parents, teachers and staff with on-going support services as needed throughout the school year. Moreover, to create a framework for academic growth, career exploration, and a positive school experiences for all students.


What does a Counselors Do?



A service that is provided within the school setting and is available to any student who expresses a concern or need to talk with the School Counselor.   Therefore, counseling services are designed to assess and meet the needs of students whether it’s personal, social, emotional, academic, or behavioral. It is my heartfelt desire as the School Counselor to help students overcome challenges that may impede them from thriving in the learning environment. 


      • Individual Counseling: Allows students to meet with the School Counselor confidentially in a one-on-one session to share varied concerns. A request for Individual Counseling can be made by a teacher, a student, or a parent. However, if a student has needs beyond an initial visit, parental consent is required. Therefore, a parental consent form for on-going services may be obtained from the Counselor's office. 
      • Small-Group Counseling: Allows the School Counselor an opportunity to works with two or more students in a group who may have similar concerns. Students thrive when they can share concerns, ideas, give and receive feedback, gain new insight or knowledge about specific topics that may enhance developmental growth opportunities. Small-group counseling further supports students by helping them to obtain personal goals they hope to achieve.
      • Classroom Guidance: Is an opportunity for the School Counselor to work with all students on a monthly basis, and grade level specific. During this time together detailed lessons are designed to provide students with information that helps to promote personal growth, academics success, and career exploration.  
The counselor consults primarily with parents, teachers and staff  to help enhance effective strategies and interventions in handling current issues. The counselor also collaborate with community resource agencies. 
What school wide programs at DES does the counselors oversee or serve on?
Individual & Small Group Counseling
Monthly Classroom Guidance/ Social Emotional Learning
Attendance Protocol
Collaborate with Community Resource Agencies
Response To Intervention (RTI) Chair 3rd-5th Grade
In-House Screenings
504 / Health Care Plan Building Coordinator
Red Ribbon Week
Positive Behavior Intervention and Support (PBIS)
Building Coordinator/Student Teachers (Augusta University)
School Leadership Team
Assist the Administrator with Standard Testing Procedures
Community Service Projects
Mentoring Program (PRN)